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Car Retractable Charger


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 No More Extra USB Cable for Multi-device Charging With Car Retractable Charger!

Isn’t it difficult to carry multiple USB cable? Don’t worry at all! Car Retractable Charge is the slimmest, multi-use charger with innovative Magnetic & Automatic Retractable style design.



  • PORT CAPACITY: It has two extra ports for charging additional devices. One port is 2.4Amp. Second Port is an Adaptive Fast Charge Port for Quick Charge Capable Devices. No more tangles or cable clutters in your car.

  • SUPREME QUALITY MATERIAL: High quality powerful retractable car charger has extra two USB Ports. It can quickly retract The Cord At The Touch Of A Button.

  • CONVENIENT USAGE: The Car Retractable Charger is suitable to put into the pocket and charge your devices anytime without carrying long, twisted cables.

  • HIGH PROFICIENCY: Car Retractable Charger ensures high performance, compact device. State of the art Intelligent Chip circuit prevents overcharging. 

  • WIDE USAGE: Car Retractable Charger fits most automobiles, RVs, boats. Convenient compact size with tangle-free wire to use with ease. 

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