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iSiS Regime Tea With Cinnaman - 50 Bags (2 Pack = 100 Bags)

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Isis Regime Tea is an all natural weight loss herbal tea. Isis Regime Tea is a mixture of well known & effective green tea, senna, stevia and natural flavors  Which are all natural herbs produced in Egypt.

Healthy tea for a successful diet:

Isis is providing you a magical combination of natural benefits and delicious taste. our special herbs will help you to get rid of excess weight in a healthy  and safe way, while our tasty flavors will delight your sensation and stevia plant will naturally sweeten your cup of tea without the need for sugar



  • Brand: Isis
  • Regime Tea
  • Natural Weight-loss Blend
  • Fast Results, Better Taste, Sugar-Free
  • 2 Packs each contains 50 Tea Bags With Envelope
  • Rich In Stevia
  • Natural Sweetener
  • Cinnamon Flavor
  • 100% Natural

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