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Pipes Car Racing Track

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Let Your Kids Use Their Imagination and Skill Constructing Different Routes With Pipes Car Racing Track! 

Want to let your children's imaginations run wild? The Amazing Pipes Car Racing Track is made for your little one! Tubes can be made into infinite track configurations! 


  • EASY PIPELINE INSTALLATION: Curved pipes would be assembled accurately so that the vehicle can function properly in your pipeline. Carefully organize. Align all the brackets with all the slots and then fit them together. After the pipes are snapped together, check the ends of the tubes. And those are round and that the edges are correctly aligned.

  • CONVENIENT TO USE: When controlling the AB channel, you must first control the car with the remote control. Then start and then turn it off, then take out another car and remote control to modulate the other channel, and then begin, so that you can control the dual-frequency. The remote control can also manage multiple vehicles at the same time. 

  • IMPROVE PROFICIENCY: Exercise children's DIY ability, develop brain power, playability is extreme, unlimited stitching dual-frequency control car speed. In the game, the night is more colourful, and the flashing ball drives the belt.

  • SAFE & DURABLE: ABS material, colourless and tasteless, resistant to falling and resistant to stepping, is the child's best playmate, a variety of styles of play, give the baby a happy childhood.

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