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Royal Regime Tea Weight Reducing Slimming Herbs Loss Diet 50-200 Tea Bags (Royal Regime 50 Bag)


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Royal Regime Tea Weight reducing Slimming
Herbs Loss Diet 25-50 Tea Bags شاى ريجيم Tea Sachets

Royal Regime Tea is an all natural weight loss herbal tea. It
has three different herbs with proven weight losing properties

It is composed of cichorium intybus herb, cassia angustifolia
leaves and foeniculum vulgare fruits. Which are all natural herbs
produced in Egypt.

How does it work? Cassia leaves have a laxative action; making
the stools fluidly, and removes water from the body. Cichorium
herbs are a natural diuretic, which promotes weight loss.

Foeniculum also helps to remove water from the body. The
vitamins and minerals of cichorium replace the loss of these
substances by laxation , cichorium is reputed for its liver tonic

Action: Anthraquiniones of Cassia have a laxative action; making
the stools fluidly, and remove water from the body. Also the
diuretic action of Foeniculum helps removing the water. So both
actions decrease the overweight. The Vitamins and minerals of
Cichorium replace the loss of these substances by laxation,
Cichorium is reputed for its tonic action. Side Effects: Not
known so far.

You can drink this tea on a daily basis and absolutely love it.
Amount per serving (100g) 50 calories, potassium 1.5mg, sodium
0.3mg, Protein 10gm, total fat 10gm, total carbohydrates

20% Cichorium Intybus Herb,

30% Cassia Angustifolia Leaves,

50% Foeniculum Vulgare Fruits

Indicated as a laxative and diuretic and specially for reducing
weight And Good bowel cleanser

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